It is hard to believe that it has been nearly six months since my last update. So much has happened since then. The Arts scene in Northern Ireland has changed utterly and the struggle for the sector has been unprecedented and keenly felt. What has also become apparent is the fact that creativity in any form is needed now more than ever.

As I said back in April, and reiterate now - we here at Bruiser are not new to adversity. We are also not new to the notion that creativity (particularly for the youth of today) needs to be nurtured and valued. Armed with that outlook we have faced the recent challenges head on, using them as an opportunity to develop and diversify. I am delighted to be in a position to reflect on the exciting educational projects which Bruiser has been working on in recent months.

Engaging with young people, schools, and universities has always been a major part of Bruiser's ethos, and in the past number of months Bruiser has devised a brilliant library of virtual resources to support teachers and leaders in education. These resources aim to support teachers in encouraging students to truly fulfil their creative potential. We are extremely excited to have now launched “The Bruiser Digital Handbook” - an online handbook which contains tailored package options crafted by the Bruiser team to give teachers and leaders in depth access streamed straight to their classroom.

Supported by the Northern Ireland Creative Employment Programme we are thrilled to have been able to recruit two Education and Community Engagement interns. We are delighted to have Peter Heenan and Jess Williams on board at Bruiser for a six month period, working on our new resource packages for schools.

Finally, we are pleased to have announced that Bruiser will stage Owen McCafferty’s play Mojo Mickybo in March 2021. In line with our educational objectives, workshops will be available to accompany the performances, wherein students will experience a tailored Bruiser workshop. Working with a member of the Bruiser team, they will delve into the context and identity-focused themes of Mojo Mickybo, studying the iconic Bruiser physical style through practice.

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