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Adrian Mole: What The Audience Thought!

The Press Night for Bruiser's latest production The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 took place in the MAC, Belfast on 26 September. Here are some of the nice things that critics have been saying about the show.


The Critics:

‘Matthew Reeve’s musical arrangements cleverly capture the spirit of the ‘80s and offer a saccharine counterpoint to contemporary social issues, like widespread unemployment and the rise of the feminist movement, swirling around a confused adolescent’s quest for love, acne-free skin and intellectual brilliance.’ – Jane Coyle, The Stage

‘Adam Dougal is well cast as nerdy, bespectacled Adrian, submerged by a grotesque circle of dysfunctional, two-dimensional relatives and neighbours, energetically tackled by his fellow cast members.’- Jane Coyle, The Stage

‘Orla Mullan’s singing soars above the rest of the cast and delivers a Pauline Mole who is beginning to discover her inner female eunuch and its accompanying harm.’- Alan in Belfast- Review

‘Adam Dougal has mastered the look and feel of young Moley with his several inches too short school trousers hinting at parental neglect. Colette Lennon adapts accent between her roles and plays Pandora with a posh lisp and a presence that nicely clashes with the heavy Leicester vibe.’- Alan in Belfast- Review

‘Setting the adolescent’s pathetic poetry (with its obtuse rhymes) to music injects lighter moments into the unexpectedly depressing story and the cast sing confidently with music director Matthew Reeve’s backing tracks, adding some vocal percussion on top of the harmonies.’- Alan in Belfast- Review

‘The production begins with a fabulous ensemble piece, a song full of 80s flashbacks it’s quick in pace and full of iconic references from the Iron Lady to Meg and Mog. It comes in converbelt form almost like the generation game but minus the cuddly toy. The cast sing with such energy I struggle to see how they are still breathing.’- Emer Dooris- Review (Blog)

‘The five cast members (Adam Dougal,Gerard McCabe,Orla Mullan,Keith Lynch and Collette Lennon) are pitch perfect throughout and full of energy. They play a number of roles to perfection but I was particularly entertained by their backing dancer performances.’

‘Overall the cast are entertaining, enlightening and engaging. The audience lapped up the innuendos and even the substandard poetry and if you don’t fall in a little bit in love with Adrian Mole then you have a heart of stone.’- Emer Dooris- Review (Blog)

‘This will not be to everyone's taste but when the Bruiser Theatre Company do something they do it well and this is no exception. The cast is excellent – Colette Lennon, Gerard McCabe, Orla Mullan and Keith Lynch play various roles, with Adam Dougal as Adrian.’- Irish News- Review

‘The cast of Adrian Mole burst onto the stage from a massive copy of the book and quickly inform us that we’re being transported back from 2017 to 1980’s. The opening song is an amazing list of rememberberries from the 1980’s from TISWAS to Space Raiders crisps, from Swap Shop to Margaret Thatcher. It’s a great way to set the scene and starts the show with a tone and enthusiasm that doesn’t let out over the next 2+ hours.’- Pastie Bap- Review

‘The rest of the cast whilst new to me – Colette Lennon, Orla Mullan and Keith Lynch – feel familiar and accomplished. The actors really feel like they are working together as a unit and it’s easy to forget that there are only 5 people doing all these different parts. A real accomplishment that makes for some brilliant theatre.’- Pastie Bap- Review

‘As Always Stuart Marshall’s set design is perfectly suited to the play, from the giant book cover at the start to the many, many moving parts that twist and transform for each scene. Never taking away from the action but giving enough to inform us of where it’s taking place. Sounds design, lighting, costumes and all the crew involved should be commended also.’- Pastie Bap- Review

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