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Bruiser and Schools

A Day With Bruiser

A Day With Bruiser is your opportunity to get to grips with and explore Bruiser Theatre Company's unique physical theatre style. This course is aimed at GCSE, AS, A2 Level and BTEC students studying Drama, Performing Arts and Theatre Arts courses and is specifically moulded to the requirements of the AQA, CCEA and Edexcel course requirements. Bruiser are in fact one of the recommended practitioners on the AQA syllabus.

The day long course consists of four specific workshops delivered by Bruiser facilitators that will assist students and teachers with all aspects of their studies. These workshops include:

  •  Physical and Ensemble Style

  • ​ Devising, Physicality and Improvisation

  •  Performing Arts Organisations

  •  Voice and Song In Physical Theatre


In 2018, A Day With Bruiser will visit:


  • The Mac, Belfast-  24th and 25th January

  • The Marketplace Theatre, Armagh - 31st January

  • The Millennium Forum, Derry - 2nd February

The course costs £20 per student and schools can send as many students as they like depending on availability. If you are a school wanting to take part, please fill in the Registration Form and email it to If you are a venue interested in hosting the event, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


We look forward to hearing from you!

A Day With Bruiser Booking Form

Tickets and Workshops

Bruiser offer a number of special rates for school groups for our productions. Click here for information on our latest show The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 and to find out how to avail of the school group tickets. 


Bruiser can also facilitate post-show discussion and workshops in your school. These workshops can be tailored to the needs of your individual group, and can be a taster session or a more intensive project. Facilitated by Bruiser's own team of professional artists, recent workshops have included:

  • Theme-based workshop to accompany the current production

  • Introduction to Physical Theatre Techniques

  • Text-based workshop

  • Consultation on GCSE and A-level practical work

These workshops are available throughout the year. For more information email the Bruiser office or call us on (028) 9024 3731.


Teacher Resource Packs

Teacher Training in Brechtian and Physical Theatre Techniques

The Brechtian technique is often tricky to teach. Unlike Stanislavski, Brecht is not an 'actor's' director, and it can be difficult to convert his theory into practice. Sometimes teachers can find the leap from naturalism to emblematic and physical theatre quite daunting.

Physical theatre using Brechtian techniques proves extremely effective in the classroom, for pupils of all ages and abilities. It's visually exciting, rhythmic, choral and choreographic elements have great appeal, and can be used in all styles of writing and devised pieces. It can help students and teachers to think outside the box, and bring stuffy drama to life with adventurous and dynamic ensemble playing. This course is a must for all GCSE and A-Level Drama and English teachers.

This one-day course, facilitated by Bruiser's Artistic Director Lisa May, will provide a hands-on approach, breaking down the myths of Brecht by giving teachers practical ideas for the classroom. Teaching aids will include DVD material, workshop activities, teacher handouts, and text based exercises.

Introduction to Drama and Movement: Learn, Explore and Enjoy Through Drama Course

Aimed at primary school teachers and teaching assistants, this one-day course sees Bruiser's Artistic Director Lisa May use a hands-on approach, to provide practical training for primary school teachers and assistants. The course aims to support the introduction of drama in the classroom, which will enhance structured learning and develop social and personal learning. Drama exercises can promote positive interaction, positive class atmosphere, creativity and active engaged learning.

Teacher Packs, Post-Show Discussions and Workshops

Bruiser can also offer bespoke teacher packs for a selection of our past shows, as well as post-show discussions with Director and Cast for our current shows. Teacher packs are priced at £5 each and are available for the following texts: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Blood Wedding, The School for Scandal, Confusions, The Threepenny Opera, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, Metamorphosis, Faustus, The Canterbury Tales, Blue Remembered Hills, Sweet Charity​​ and The Importance of Being Earnest.

The following productions can be supported with Director Talks & Workshops: Candide, The Case Of The Frightened Lady, Oh, What A Lovely War!, The Government Inspector, The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui, Low Pay? Don't Pay! and Othello.


To arrange the Bruiser office to arrange these talks or workshops or to purchase teacher packs, please email the Bruiser office or phone us on (028) 9024 3731.

Bruiser Video Library

Bruiser have a wealth of video footage from the last twenty years including recordings of past production performances. You can sign up for an annual subscription to the Bruiser's video library for £20 per academic year. Simply email the Bruiser office or call us on (028) 9024 37 31 to express your interest.

Teacher Resources
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