Working with young people, schools, and universities has always been a major part of Bruiser's ethos.   We want to work with teachers and leaders in education to encourage students to truly fulfil their creative potential.  We're also around to assist teachers deliver the tricky parts of course syllabuses, and have resources to help you with physical theatre, devising, and even arts management, design, and theatre logistics.

Our main schools event, A Day With Bruiser, takes place in January, and is the perfect crash course in all things Bruiser to help your students get to grips with their syllabus.  We also offer a range of workshops throughout the year, and are happy to collaborate with you to build the perfect programme for your students needs.  Have a look at our programme catalogue below, or                           if you'd like to work with us! 

We also have a range of resources available in our                          which are designed to support your teaching.  You can view our past productions, check out show specific teacher packs, as well as a specially created resource booklet giving you a real insight into our style and approach. 

We look forward to working with you!

A Day With Bruiser

Course Details

A crash course in all things Bruiser, A Day With Bruiser  is the perfect opportunity to immerse your students in the world of physical theatre.   Over the course of a day, they’ll be guided through four workshops specifically tailored to their course and syllabus.  Our expert facilitators will encourage creative thinking and imagination, while also providing the technical know-how to implement these ideas into coursework.

A Day With Bruiser  is aimed at students studying GCSE, AS, A2 and BTEC courses, including Drama, Theatre Studies, and Performing Arts.  We mould our workshop plans to adapt to the CCEA, Edexcel, and AQA syllabuses.  The day is made up of four workshops - have a look below to see what we'll be covering!

Every January, we visit theatres and colleges across Northern Ireland.   Places are currently offered at an early-bird rate of £20 per pupil - if you'd like to bring your students to ADWB 2020, please get in touch!

A Day With Bruiser

Workshop 1: The Bruiser Style

This 75-minute workshop is a crash course in all things Bruiser Theatre Company.  Using interactive games, exercises and scenes, students will have the opportunity to engage with Bruiser’s unique physical style.  Examining physicality, rhythm, multi-rolling, prop manipulation, ensemble acting and more, this workshop is designed to give students hands on experience performing in the Bruiser style.  This workshop is a perfect way for GCSE and A-Level students to gain insight into the company as a recognised practitioner. 


A Day With Bruiser

Workshop 2: Text, Movement & Voice

Designed to encourage students to make connections between text and movement in their presentation, this physical workshop is an excellent starting point for building and developing links between script and action. This workshop also focuses on integrating elements of music and sound into their existing performance style. Students will have the opportunity to gain essential skills in exploring movement and voice, and learn how to squeeze every last drop of inspiration from a given text regardless of genre.


A Day With Bruiser

Workshop 3: Devising, Physicality, and Improvisation

A core part of the syllabus, this workshop will give your students the techniques to build a robust devised performance, underpinned by an understanding of journey, time, and progression, as well as the need for emotional quality and variety. Accompanied by a range of taught improvisation techniques, students will also be guided in transposing images, objects, and concepts into a series of movements that exist in time.  A combination of all these elements will equip your students to express progression, contrast, rhythmic variation, transformation of space, and even see characters emerging.

A Day With Bruiser

Workshop 4: Investigating Performing Arts Organisations / Employability in the Arts

This workshop is designed to give your students an insight into how arts organisations function.   Examining the elements involved in performance and production, as well as the day to day management of an organisation, student’s will have the opportunity to build their own theatre company and assume a production or management role within the class.  Not only does this help to develop your student’s understanding of the various job roles in production, but will expand their horizons professionally, identifying arts career paths away from the stage. 



In addition to A Day With Bruiser, we offer a year round workshop programme.   We can come directly to you and guide your students through a range of topics.   All of the workshops covered at A Day With Bruiser are available as an individual session.

We also offer show specific workshops based on our current performance.  If you're booking to come and see us in the theatre, please let us know and we can give you a discount on a follow up workshop!

In addition to our own work, we're more than happy to assist you with yours.  If you'd like assistance bringing your key texts to life, or a consultation session on GCSE - A Level performances, we're here for you.  Drop us a line and we'll find a date that works.

All of our workshops are also available at a higher level for students at University or College. 

Resources for Teachers

Online Resources

For a whole host of resources, visit our online store.  You'll find teacher packs from our previous productions, as well as access to our online performance archive.  Please get in touch if anything you require isn't online - we're uploading them slowly!!!


Resources for Teachers

Secondary Teaching Training

Teacher Training in Brechtian and Physical Theatre Techniques

The Brechtian technique is often tricky to teach. Unlike Stanislavski, Brecht is not an 'actor's' director, and it can be difficult to convert his theory into practice. Sometimes teachers can find the leap from naturalism to emblematic and physical theatre quite daunting.

Physical theatre using Brechtian techniques proves extremely effective in the classroom, for pupils of all ages and abilities. It's visually exciting, rhythmic, choral and choreographic elements have great appeal, and can be used in all styles of writing and devised pieces. It can help students and teachers to think outside the box, and bring stuffy drama to life with adventurous and dynamic ensemble playing. This course is a must for all GCSE and A-Level Drama and English teachers.

This one-day course, facilitated by Artistic Director Lisa May, will provide a hands-on approach, breaking down the myths of Brecht by giving teachers practical ideas for the classroom. Teaching aids will include DVD material, workshop activities, teacher handouts, and text based exercises.


We plan on hosting our next teaching training session in early 2019.  If you're interested in joining us, please drop us an email and we'll find a date that works for everyone!

Resources for Teachers

Primary Teacher Training

Introduction to Drama and Movement: Learn, Explore and Enjoy Through Drama 

Aimed at primary school teachers and teaching assistants, this one-day course uses a hands-on approach, to provide practical training for primary school teachers and assistants. The course aims to support the introduction of drama in the classroom, which will enhance structured learning and develop social and personal learning. Drama exercises can promote positive interaction, positive class atmosphere, creativity and active engaged learning.

We plan on hosting our next teaching training session in early 2019.  If you're interested in joining us, please drop us an email and we'll find a date that works for everyone! 

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