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Working with young people, schools, and universities has always been a major part of Bruiser's ethos.  

We want to work with teachers and leaders in education to encourage students to truly fulfil their creative potential.  We're also around to assist teachers deliver the tricky parts of course syllabuses, and have resources to help you with physical theatre, devising, and even arts management, design, and theatre logistics.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we at Bruiser want to help teachers and students navigate this difficult academic year, by providing additional virtual resources:

The Bruiser Digital Handbook

Curriculum-focused curated virtual

packages for KS3, KS4 and KS5

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The Bruiser

Cinema Club

Archive Bruiser productions

with resource bundle


Workshops & Consultancy

We offer a year-round workshop programme, both virtually and face to face

Resources for Teachers

Hands-on Primary and Secondary Teacher Training 


Online Resources

A range of resources are available in our online shop, which are designed to support your teaching, including a specially created resource booklet giving you a real insight into our style and approach, and a new “Careers in the Arts” booklet.

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