The ENGAGE package includes all six pre-recorded lectures; student-friendly lecture notes; five additional workshops and workshop plans.


This package gives you the tools to put the lectures into practice, bringing Bruiser from the screen into the classroom. 


The Workshops


In addition to the lectures, we also have five 45-50 minute long pre-recorded workshops on:


1) The Bruiser Approach and Ethos

2) Chorus and Choreography

3) Improvisation and Physicality

4) Sound Effects and Literalising Text

5) Script Analysis, Context and Character


These workshops show how different games and exercises can be used to explore these elements of the Bruiser style practically in the classroom.


These can either be watched by the teacher to help them design sessions using these workshop plans, or watched by students to see how Bruiser go about using exercises in the development and exploration of their work. 


We are offering three packages, EXCITE, ENGAGE and INSPIRE. If would like information on a different package, please see our School Resources page.

ENGAGE Package - The Bruiser Digital Handbook

£750.00 Regular Price
£600.00Sale Price
  • Once payment is received, we will send you a link to access the resources via DropBox. 


    Resources will be accessible until the 30th of June 2022.